Thanksgiving Catering Menu

Turkeys and Hams

Nord Best Turkey
$2.99/lb raw $3.99/lb cooked
Bell & Evans Antibiotic Free
$3.99/lb raw $4.99/lb cooked
Bell & Evans Organic
$5.99/lb raw $6.99/lb cooked
Keidy’s Spiral Ham

Serves 4-6 $109.99

Oven roasted boneless turkey breast,
mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes,
sautéed green beans, and gravy

Serves 8-10 $199.99

Herb roasted 10-12 lb. turkey, mashed potatoes,
mashed sweet potatoes or candied sweet potatoes,
traditional stuffing, cranberry orange relish,
vegetable of choice, and gravy

Serves 15-20 $329.99

Herb roasted 18-22 lb. turkey, mashed potatoes,
mashed or candied sweet potatoes or roasted sweet potatoes,
traditional stuffing, choice of 2 vegetables, cranberry orange relish, and gravy

Sides- Half Trays Serves 8-12 people

Mashed Potatoes $29.99
Mashed Sweet Potatoes $34.95
Candied Sweet Potatoes $34.95
Roasted Red Potatoes $34.95
Steamed Green Beans $34.95
Green Beans Almondine $39.95
Vegetable Medley $39.95
Traditional Stuffing $39.95
Traditional Stuffing w/sausage $44.95
Grilled Asparagus with Shallots $39.95
Garden Salad $29.95


Desserts and Bread

Apple Pie $16.95
Pumpkin Pie $16.95
Pecan Pie $21.95
Pumpkin Bread $9.95
Cranberry Bread $9.95
New York Style Cheesecake $30.95
Turkey Cake $39.95